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Best Prepaid SIM Card For Tourists In Malaysia 2016

International Data Roaming

ALWAYS remember to switch your handphone to Airplane Mode, to avoid getting billed unnecessary. If you have a handphone with Dual-Sim capability, REMEMBER to toggle your Internet settings to use the non auto roaming telco for data transfer.  

Traveller SIM Cards In Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are a number of telcos offering Traveller’s SIM Card (a package that commonly includes voice and mobile Internet services). In this article, I will do a breakdown of the Top 4 major telco’s price plan and finally end with a recommendation of my own.


Always a leader when it comes to introducing new price plans for consumers. Ultimately, its the end users who benefit from the constant review.

Digi Prepaid BEST
Starter Pack at RM8, with RM5 preload value (valid for 30 days) Free 200MB 4G Internet Free 500MB for social messaging (WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, etc)

Digi Prepaid LIVE
Starter Pack at RM12, with RM8 preload value (valid for 7 days) Free 300MB 4G Internet + 8GB of video & music streaming Free 500MB for social messaging (WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, etc)

digi prepaid traveller sim plan  


Has the widest coverage for rural areas and places off the beaten path. In my opinion, they are second only to Maxis. Starter pack at RM10 with RM6 preload value (valid for 7 days) Voice call at RM0.24 per minute Additional 500MB Internet data at RM5 (valid for 3 days) Additional 1500MB Internet data at RM10 (valid for 7 days)

celcom prepaid traveller sim plan  


Their packages are highly configurable and affordable, but probably lacking in the coverage areas. Still it’s worth considering if you are spending most of your time in the city.
FREE U Mobile Traveller SIM pack when you land at KLIA2

U Mobile POWER Prepaid
Starter pack at RM8.50, with RM5 preload value (valid for 10 days) Voice call at RM0.06 (every 30 seconds) SMS at RM0.08/sms Free 200MB 4G Internet

u mobile prepaid traveller sim plan  

Maxis Hotlink

Leader of the pack, with the widest coverage and fastest Internet speed in Malaysia but little to offer in terms of prepaid plans. Starter pack at RM10, with RM5 preload value (valid for 5 days) and 300MB Internet (valid for 2 days) Additional Internet data for 1000MB (RM3)

maxis hotlink traveller sim card plan  

Compare the plans offered by the different Malaysia telco and decide for yourself

comparison table for prepaid card plan in malaysia
Conclusion – If I spent majority of my time in the city, then U Mobile is the choice for me – Flexibility at affordable costs.
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