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【OKGOJB】 » What to do & Where to go in Mersing

Located 36 Kilometres north east of the state capital Johor Bahru, Mersing is a gateway to nature and traditional culture. The small semi-tourist town is hardly more than a few hours rest en route to Tioman Island, and is thus best known for its passenger boat jetty where boats depart daily for numerous offshore islands.
islands nearby pulau tioman
tioman island
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A family's paradise
Tioman Island
Pulau Rawa Mersing
Rawa (Malay: Pulau Rawa) is a small, beautiful island located 16 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, surrounded by clean blue waters with jungle vegetation. Owned by the Johor Sultanate, the island is developed with just two small resorts. For people seeking a secluded, weekend getaway, you can't find a more idyllic location than this one.
Pulau Besar Mersing
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Pulau Besar
Closer to the mainland than Tioman island, Pulau Besar is surrounded by tranquility at night. Day time activities include swimming, snorkeling, beach and jungle walks

Have some spare time available but don’t know what to do ? Read our blog articles for more information on what you can do, or places of interest you can go in Mersing.
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